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Cages and incubators pre II

Discussion about how to keep queens pre II
I have found plastic " hair roller" type cages get smothered in honey, eventually coating the virgin queen and resulting in a premature death.... 2 days max!
I have not tried the Benton wooden cages, will make some this winter to trial.

This year I tried putting VQ into a cage made from plastic with excluder sized bars that kept queen in but allowed workers to groom her ( available on line from Simon the Beekeeper) The cage + VQ was placed into a Keiler mating nuc with young worker bees to keep her until mature, ( 6 -12 days ??) and once II undertaken ( including pre II CO2 which made her easy to find) queen place back into her own nuc with qx on to keep her in. Keiler can be merged with full size nuc or queen removed and introduced with intro cage ( I use Butler... but looking at a press in device over new hatching brood as may be more reliable)

Will try to post  links to IWF videos.

Tom should some of this go onto the open pages... can you do this?

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