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Forum Rules
Forum Rules

Take heed from those wonderful creatures we cherish, the honeybees

Work together in one common cause 
  • Honeybees = Survival of the colony
  • Us = Survival and improvement of our native and near-native honeybees
Work as individuals towards a common cause
  • Honeybees = No hidden agenda, objectives are clear and unwavering
  • Us = Should be as above?
Respect all those around you
  • Honeybees = A single bee whilst determined is relatively weak, a united colony is an awesome force that can achieve so very much
  • Us = Respect each other and also remember differing opinions are very productive, they drive initiative, never suppress them, use them to build something better

If we are to truly help native honeybees, set aside petty things, let us see what our human colony can achieve! 

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